Manhattan Sexual Health and Wellness has united a team of dedicated professionals to create a comprehensive, state of the art center, where all matters of sexual health and wellness may be treated. The team of specialists will work together to help male and female patients achieve their goals for intimacy, sexual virility, sexual satisfaction, anti-aging appearance issues, healthy testosterone and other hormone levels and additional health issues interfering with and effecting the full enjoyment of sexuality.

Our Staff

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky is a urologist with expertise in male and female sexual dysfunction and testosterone replacement therapy. Dr. Marianne Sommerville is a gynecologist with a special interest in female sexual health and the transitional period of menopause. Dr. Ursula Ofman is a licensed clinical psychologist trained in sex therapy and relationship enhancement and Dr. Mark Epstein is a doctor specializing in non-invasive, cosmetic treatments that restore youthful appearance and mitigate signs of aging. Jaimie Uva is a clinical nutritionist available to discuss your nutrition and meal planning goals, including weight control and food preferences.

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Our Mission

The mission of the team at Manhattan Sexual Health and Wellness is to consider all aspects of sexual health and wellness inclusively, and to use the most advanced approaches, the latest innovations and the most sophisticated strategies to obtain successful results.